Manassas House Deals

9527 Damascus Dr

The story of 9527 Damascus Dr in Manassas, VA, from fire to new home.

Fire fighters attack 9527 Damascus Dr! Boarded up, vacant house after fire in Manassas.

Fire November 18, 2008

The house was listed for sale and was also available as a rental. When tenants were found, the electricity was turned on and faulty wiring sparked a fire in the vacant house.

Fire fighters attack 9527 Damascus Dr! Smoke pouring out of 9527 Damascus Dr. Flames could be seen on the top floor of 9527 Damascus Dr. in Manassas.

Visit Manassas Volunteer Fire Department website page for more pics of the fire.

Vacant Boarded House and Home Inspection November 2008 - July 2009

The house stood  vacant and boarded for 6 months when we first saw it. Our brave home inspection experts were required to sign a liability release form before entering the structure. During our due diligence period we carefully inspected the structure and determined that demolition would be required. After negotiating with the bank through the owners real estate agent and attorney, we closed on the house. During that time, the tarp was about to tear off the roof, wildlife was seen entering the structure, and snakes would visit the yard when the grass was not maintained.

Boarded up, vacant house after fire in Manassas. Fire damaged deck in back and boarded up windows. Fire damaged kitchen. Fire damaged bedroom upstairs.

Demolition July 2009

After closing on the house, a demolition permit was secured from Prince William County and the deteriorating structure was demolished by TJW Homes of Central Virginia. The basement foundation and cinder block walls are left intact for a new, factory build modular home.

Significant progress after one day of demolition. Fire damaged property in Manassas, VA being demolished in July 2009. Caterpillar hydraulic excavator was used to demolish the fire damaged house in Manassas.

Basement foundation walls are left intact during demolition process. Veiw of remaining first floor looking down into basement after most of structure is removed. A roll off dumptster was filled several times during the house demolition.

Foundation Preparation August 2009

An additional course of cinder blocks raises the height of the foundation walls as final preparations are made for the placement of the new home.

Basement foundation prepared for modular home. An additional course of cinder block was added to top of foundation. New I-beam in driveway will be placed on foundation walls to support center of new modular home.

New Home September 2009

A new, factory-built modular home from TJW Homes is placed on the basement foundation walls.

Modular home section lowered by crane onto fountation. Modular home section lifted, turned, and lowered onto foundation. Front modular home section placed on foundation by crane.

New home in Westgate of Lomond section of Manassas, Virginia. New home Manassas, VA. Workers putting final touches on home. Ladders leaning against new home before steps to front door are built.

New Home Floor Plan: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.

New home in Manassas, newly seeded lawn. Brand new house in Westgate of Lomond section of Manassas in Prince William County

Floor plan and computer generated graphic of new 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house in Manassas, VA. Half bath is in basement.

Manassas House Deals